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A suburb defined by "white flight" or the propensity for upper-middle class families to move away from the high crime centralized areas of the inner-city. President Obama addressed this issue in his famous speech on race during his first campaign for President in 2008.
I don't know which part of the metro area is worse: the Chocolate City or the Vanilla Suburbs.
by FairleyWhiteGuy November 09, 2010
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One of a handful of predominately black cities or large sections of a city including New Orleans, Detroit, Memphis, and Atlanta. Some say Chocolate City is originally the name given to Washington D.C. for its large black population. According to city-data.com and censusscope.org, The largest African-American populations are found in the following cities (by % of population):

Memphis, TN--AR--MS
New Orleans, LA
Norfolk--Virginia Beach--Newport News, VA--NC
Atlanta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Washington, DC--MD--VA--WV
New York, NY
Detroit, MI
Newark, NJ
Miami, FL
Philadelphia, PA--NJ
Chicago, IL
Cleveland--Lorain--Elyria, OH
St. Louis, MO--IL
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX
I'm so sick of white people; I can't wait to get back to my chocolate city.
by FairleyWhiteGuy November 09, 2010
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