2 definitions by Fadewulf

Private messages or known as (PM) are used when one person wants to message someone outside of the group chat.
Person 1: um person 2 can u please private message me thanks.
Person 2: Oh ok, sure.
by Fadewulf March 18, 2021
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A type of young girl/woman who thinks she and her "rich" peers is superior to anyone she sees. She is mostly like that rich, popular, smart girl you know at your high school and a plastic head that she is.
person1: I would like to speak about.
spoiled thot 1: Eew you don't know me you b;?>h.
person 2: Yikes man, don't talk to her and her group.
person 1: Um why though?
person 2: Because she's a t h o t.
by Fadewulf March 18, 2021
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