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An individual who doesnt classify themself under a stereotypical catagory. (prep,emo,punk,nerd etc.)

they dress how they want to dress, listen to what they want to listen to and do what they want to do and normally people respect that. an individual hates to be labeled.
a girl that likes punk,rockabilly,ska music but hangs out with the preps but doesnt shop at abercrombie because its to expensive,wears what she wants to wear and has friends from all groups.

"look at that girl, i cant even stereptype her, shes jsut an individual"
by fa sho December 07, 2005

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Having excessive embellishments or ornaments, particularly of the flashy kind, ie feathers in fedoras, black canes with silver handles, multicolored mis-matched shoes, and colorful crushed velvet suits. Preferably worn simultaneously.
By the amount of bling-bling he was flashing, we knew he was pimped out.
by Fa Sho October 06, 2003

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When the teens of the world think of preps they think of:

snotty, bitchy, cocky, stuck-up, athletic, american eagle, abercrombie and fitch, aero, gap, pretty boys and girls who think they are on TOP of the world because they dress better than the rest of the school and happen to have more friends and more confidence..listen to music on MTV and radio of the time.

in reality..some are like this, but some are not, you cant judge every single person who hangs out with the preps to be exactly like this, this is called styereotyping and if your complaining about the preps and how they stereotype you..wel look at what YOU are doing

some preps arent like this, some preps cant afford to even shop at abercrombie, and not all of them are rich, some are really nice and are open to all kinds of people, and not all of them listen to music on mtv and the radio

if your going to call somebody a snobby bitchy cocky prep, get to know them first, because your just making yourself look low.
Prep:i cant wait for the football game!

other: ugh fuck i hate preps their so stupid and dumb and wow got enough holes in your jeans? losers!
by fa sho December 07, 2005

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