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Similar to being Friend zoned, but to make it worse goes out with someone close to you. I.E. best friend, brother/sister, or cousin
Guy 1: Hey what happened to you and that one chick you were trying to get.
Guy 2: Oh, I was Friend Fucked be her.
Guy 1: Friend Fucked?
Guy 2: She Friend zoned me, and started going out with my best friend.
Guy 1: Man, fuck that bitch, I'll get you a girl that will stay with you.
Guy 2: Thanks, man.
by FISTFULofCAKES July 02, 2012
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Artificial feeling; a feeling without commitment. An emotional feeling that isn't directed to any one person.

Person 1: Can we cuddle?
Person 2: But I don't like you like that.
Person 1: Don't worry they're just artifeels
Person 2: I guess we can cuddle; as long as I'm the little spoon
by FISTFULofCAKES April 25, 2014
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