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Whilst rolling a marijuana blunt, you, or a friend may realize something detrimental, you need one gram to roll a blunt, but OH NO! Your poor ass only has .6, so being the determined person you are, you continue on your quest for a blunted highness...

You roll the blunt, the end result (looking like a small pen, a tooth pick, a brown joint, etc..) is what is commonly known as "Under-Blunted".
I bought a dime sack and tried rolling a blunt, but i failed and under-blunted my way to sobriety.
by FEARTHEBRAVE April 17, 2010
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Whilst rolling a blunt of marijuana, one may over fill the blunt with too much marijuana, hindering the ability to seal the deal (seal the wrap,swisher, etc...), hence over-blunt(ing).

However, this can be easily avoided by using more than one wrap, and or smoking many blunts, joints, bowls, bongs, vaporizers, gravities etc...
Dane attempted to fit six grams of gran daddy purp into one blunt wrap, and "over-blunted" a great deal.
by FEARTHEBRAVE April 17, 2010
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