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Geographically, a large island formed by glacial till deposited by glaciers in the last ice age. Consists of the suburban counties of Nassau and Suffolk, along with the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, with a total population of around 7 million.

Regionally/Politically, just Nassau and Suffolk counties, the eastern four-fifths of the geographical Long Island, with a population of 2.5 million. This is the most common use of the term.

Until the explosion of suburban development following World War II, Long Island was a geographically diverse region, with beaches, hills, woods, praries (yep), petrified forests (that, too), and small, idyllic fishing and farming villages. Now, the landscape is dominated by suburban towns and unincorporated communities that range in population from a couple hundred to around 50,000 people. Beach resort/bedroom communities like The Hamptons are extremely popular with downstate in the summer months. In addition, Jones Beach is a popular recreational and music venue, while Fire Island is world-famous as a gay mecca and a historic nautical community.
The good:
High quality of life, low crime rate, proximity to New York City, reasonably efficient and reliable public transit, attractive beaches, Splish Splash waterpark.

The bad:
Aging population, rising cost of living, racial segregation, urban sprawl, the necessity of owning a car, beach erosion, increasing problems with gangs, the trashy reputation of some of its younger residents ("lidiots").
by F the Hamptons in the A May 19, 2005

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A term that residents of The Hamptons on Long Island have for ill-behaved Manhattanites who visit their town during the summer. Consequently, New York City dwellers like to call dumb Long Islanders who pour into the City year-round, "lidiots."
Hamptonites gripe about having to deal with "cidiots" every summer.

New Yorkers have to deal with lidiots all the time.
by F the Hamptons in the A May 19, 2005

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New York City term for trashy dim bulbs from Long Island -- hence the L-I in the term -- who invade Manhattan in droves every weekend. The opposite of, and a relaliation to, the middle-class snobs in the Hamptons who call City residents who vacation there in the summer "cidiots."
We decided to stay away from our favorite bar last weekend because when we arrived it was filled top-to-bottom with drunken, tubby lidiots acting obnoxious and picking fights with each other.
by F the Hamptons in the A May 19, 2005

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An overrated, middle-class community on the eastern tip of Long Island, full of shuttered xenophobes who dislike anyone who's not "local" and have a particular disdain for City residents who vacation there in the summer. They think that dealing with "cidiots" each summer is bad? Try dealing with troublemaking Long Island trash every WEEKEND. At least New Jersey and Westchester kids are reasonably well-behaved.
If someone is acting up in the bar or club I'm in, there's an 85% chance that he's from the suburbs.

If he's from the suburbs, there's a 60% chance that he's from Long Island.

If he's from Long Island, there's a 100% chance that he's a lidiot.
by F the Hamptons in the A May 19, 2005

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