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Hotenticity concerns the truthfulness of origins, physical attributes, devotion to appearence, and above all hotness.
Having passed the hot-thentication test my photos hotenticity was confirmed.
by Extra Testicle March 19, 2015
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Hot-thentication is the process of determining whether someone is, in fact, as hot as he or she is declared to be.
After uploading a photo for Throwback Thursday i was submited to take a hot-thentication test to determine if in fact i was as hot as i declared to be.
by Extra Testicle March 19, 2015
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Throwback Thursday is when you post a photo of yourself and the photo MUST be from a different era in your life. Exemptions can be made allowing for newer photos to be used. These exeptions are based on the Hotenticity of the photo. The post must be done on Thursday.
Today is Throwback Thursday time to upload a photo to show how awesome i used to be.

Today is Throwback Thursday, since i am already awesome i will uploaded a recent photo, provided that it meets the Hotenticity standards.
by Extra Testicle March 19, 2015
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