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A derogatory name for the military haircut know as the "high and Tight". Since the haircut is very conservative it makes the wearer look like a complete turd, hence the name turd cap.
Did you see Private Barton, he just got his turd cap touched up. I guess they forgot tell him they have the technology to fad your hair these days.
by Explodie January 23, 2012
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1.) When military personnel's language becomes so riddled with profanity it can no longer be considered proper human communication.

2.) The theory that all curse words were created in conjunction with military service.
Sergeant Doucher got so pissed off he had a militourettes episode, i think he may have invented a new curse word.
by explodie December 06, 2011
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when riding in the Army tactical vehicle known as the HEMTT (heavy expanded tactical truck) the occupant will receive an erection in less than 30 minutes of travel. This is usually caused by the vibration, bouncing and generally rough ride of the truck.
We had only been on the road for about 5 minutes before i got hemtt bone.
by explodie December 06, 2011
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