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A cartoon character created by David Firth that appears mentally insane and deranged. His characteristics seem to resemble that of the symptoms of Schizoprehenia.
Salad Finger's journey takes place throughout shows he appears in that show the world form a gloomy, cynical perspective probably to which Salad Fingers mental illness leads himself to belive. His characters resemble that of fictitious friends such as Hubert Cumberdale. Symptoms of his deranged personality and illness include: attracting to bloodshed, favoring the act of caressing rusty objects such as spoons, gathering fabricated friends, ignoring reality (ex: Conversing on a disconnected phone, and sharing dinner with an inanimate and deceased carcus). This all, of course, is fictional and thought up by David Firth with the help of a Canadian Music Ensemble and ideas from an alternative source.
The series has been parodied and sequeled (with no prequels) and is featured originally and primely on NewGrounds.Com and Fat-Pie.com (1 of which NewGrounds.com contains ratings to its contents).
"Hubert Cumberdale is one of the fictitious friends SALAD FINGERS posesses."
by ExactDefinition4You March 02, 2006
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