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The consolidation of Goth and Emo, for when your not sure which one they really are.
A bunch of Gemos, Hes a complete Gemo
by EvilSpyBoy May 09, 2010

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International random song day is celebrated on December 27 every year. Its a day that encourages sharing random and obscure music with everyone, not just internet people.

Songs promoted can be mainstream or indie they just have to be random selected by either their obscurity or by putting your mp3 player on shuffle all and going next about 4 times to make sure its nice and random.
"You totally need to listen to Plumbtree - Scott Pilgrim, it just came up on my ipod for International Random Song Day, its old but awesome!"
by evilspyboy December 07, 2011

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The replacement holiday for Christmas built on the belief that Santa is actually a Ninja due to his ability to get in and out of houses undetected. This holiday is typically followed 7 days later by New Chuck's Eve.
Merry Ninjamas
by EvilSpyBoy May 09, 2010

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