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A 1981 Paramount slasher horror film shot completely in the Canadian cities of Halifax and Sydney. Film concerns around a mining accident in the sleepy New England town of Valentine's Bluffs(gay name?) in which a ore elevator crashes and Harry Warden becomes the sole survivor by cannibalizing his co-workers. Warden escapes and kills the kid responsible for the elevator crash ripping out his heart and writing in the kid's blood that he will return and kill more if the town ever celebrates another Valentine's Day.

A decade passes and the threats of Warden rots away. The town youths find it's due time to celebrate "V-day". And so, from the mists of Time walks in the believed ghost/zombie of Harry Warden as Miner 49'er! Bent on his revenge with the help of his trusty pick-ax, killing all who thread on Hanniger Mine.

Blood & breasts ensue...

The film has some quite creative kills. Decapitation by shovel,hanging through ore pulley system, impaling on school flagpole, burned alive in a tumble dryer!

Originally a 1986 sequel was planned. Set five years later, the domain of Miner 49'er, the now abandoned Hanniger Mine would become an all-to-real haunted house for the town's Spring Fling Festival. This production was sadly canceled.

In 2009, the film was remade and shot in realD)) 3-D. The remake stars Tom Atkins and Jensen Ackles.
Axel:"Sarah, will you be My Bloody Valentine ?"
by Eurekaman April 11, 2010

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