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Two urban friends approach one another and graps one anothers hand like their about to shake hands but instead use their arms to block their bodies from touching in the gay way that a regular hug would, and give a pat on ech others back.

Thus greeting each other as good friends, without looking like a homo
We gangsta hug,not hug like we trying to get our brokeback on
by ErlyMik3 June 09, 2007
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An urban male that is involed with gang and gang related crimes. Followin street loyalty, doing ewhat they got to do to eat. Not being a punk for welfare or the government

Often insulted by bevery hills rich kids who wouldnt dare say it to a gangstas face. A Rea lgangsta speaks heavy slang and if you think they dumb, lol thats your body, cause they love that underestimated sh*t.
Id rather die like a gangsta, then live like the goverments slave
by ErlyMik3 June 09, 2007
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