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Likely going to be the most boring year thus far. The year of nothing happening.

In politics, nothing will be happening because we'll have a house that will never approves of our president, and a president that always vetoes.

In apocalyptic events, nothing will be happening as it is eleven years too late for Y2K and one year too early for the Mayans' predictions (see 2012).

In music, a new twenty-something hip hop singer will rise to fame, eventually have some media event about her concerning ______ (fill in the blank with: drug addiction, spousal abuse, alcoholism, fake sex tapes, controversial activism in some politically sensitive field, etc). In addition, Justin Bieber will finally fall out of popularity only for some other Disney-sponsored teenage faggot to begin singing for the sole purpose of making ten-year-old girls go moist. Overall, nothing's happening.

In sports, Brett Favre will say it's finally time to retire, then sign on again, then say i.t's time to retire again. The basketball stars will keep ball-hogging, baseball stars will be filled with steroids, and, well, you get the picture. Nothing happens.

In pessimism, the charts will be at an all time high and it will be the most- ah, who am I kidding? I bet nothing will happen there either for some reason. Yawn.
Fuck 2011. Why can't 2012 come and just kill us all already?
by Enthusiasm Lacking November 08, 2010

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