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The Party of Lincoln, began in mid 1800's.
Currently one of the two parties in the USA designed to distract people from the real issues.
Left, Right what's the difference. Bush and Kerry have the same policies. There is almost no distinction between the parties in reality. The only difference is the rhetoric they use to sell themselves.
ex. Kerry supports Iraq war. (voted to give Bush authority to go to war)
Bush supports Iraq war. (deployed troops instead of using diplomacy)
ex Kerry want's biometric identification
Bush wants biometric identification
Kerry uses fear in tv ads
Bush uses fear in tv ads
Clinton uses terror attack in OKC to weaken constitutional rights in Antiterror and effective death penalty act of 1996.
Bush uses 9-11 attack to weaken constitutional rights in 2001 Patriot act
The Global elite use Republicans and Democrats as foot soldiers in the war against our God-given freedoms.
by Enlightened One October 17, 2004

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