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New Philadelphia is a town in T county Ohio. Its only activities to do are the park, the mall, drugs, watching fist fights and sex. Almost everyone in New Philadelphia is a slut. Its not uncommon for a 7th grader to have multiple nudes floating around via sexting and have already slept with over 7 guys. Almost every teen hangs out with the emo crowd at Park Place where they engage in listening to amateur screamo bands who preach about god. Everyone in the park place crowd sleeps with each other and herpes is beginning to spread. About 75% of high-schoolers say they want to move to California after high school. The high school spends all its money on football and almost none of it on education. Education wise New Philadelphia is about 10 years behind Dover schools (the town right across the river). ex. Dover has smart boards where as new philly has chalk boards. Almost everyone knows/is friends with/or related to a drug dealer and thinks nothing of it. Our police force resembles the SS. They make their own rules and do what ever they want. One of the most known cops for being a strait up jerk is actually coke head himself and has cheated on his wife multiple times. New Philadelphia is the armpit of T county.
Guy1: "dude I got herpes from that new philadelphia skank"

Guy2: " I told you not to go there, if anyone goes there they always leave with a STD or a warrant for their arrest."
by EnergySupplement March 21, 2010

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