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The best people in the world where there is 5 boys and 3 girls. The girls are hippies and cupcake emos and the boys are jocks and stoners. They tend enjoy and envolv in hot kinky sex when they hang out. They are much like the movie " Normal Adolescent Behavior".
OMG! When I was hanging out with Super Magical 8, I totally orgasmed with BuckyMcBeaverPants and LispyMcMexmicanPantsMan.
by EmmyLee June 29, 2008

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Let's first clear this up, people: wearing black or painting your nails black doesnt mean you're emo. Cupcake Emo means you're sorta girlie emo, indie rock emo. Like Hello Kitty, duh?
Who is that new girl?

Her name is Ashley.She's so emo.

No, look at her clothes. She is a cupcake emo, duh?
by Emmylee July 10, 2008

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