3 definitions by Elmd0r

The best pokerplayer in the world. (Not counting me) He's also black which is cool.
You suck as a poker player....no, you're no Phil Ivey...dammit Lif you're not even black.
by Elmd0r October 28, 2004
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Some uber 1337 guy who defines himself as someone cool.
No crusher I did not write that about you, I know you did it yourself. No one likes you....stop copying Elmdor.
by Elmd0r October 28, 2004
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Also Known as the Sleeping Dragon. Kickass guy who helped Lui Bei and Liu Chan (Or something) rule the shu-han empire which was later fucked up after his death.
Dying Father: ugh....son...please promise that you'll look after the glue factory even when I'm dead.

Rascal Son: No way, I'm fucking it up. Then I'm going to kill a prostitute.

Dying Father: Arhg! I feel like Zhuge Liang must've felt....

Rascal Son: Shut up, I dun' care...
by Elmd0r October 28, 2004
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