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A great luxury sports car by Toyota/Lexus.

Produced from the 80s to current.
The Z3 model (90s) was available with two engine options - the 2.5GT-T contains the 1JZ-GTE engine good for 206kw, it is a straight-six twin turbo. The SC400 contains a 1UZ-FE 4lt. NA V8 pumping out slightly less power, weighing more and being slower down the drag strip.

Soarers are generally automatic, have great looks and are fairly cheap. They may be badged as Lexus or Toyota.

Also: One that soars, thus flying high.
Damn I want that Soarer.
by Eli D August 05, 2005
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Slang: To destroy someting or screw something up really badly.
"He munged that up pretty good."
"The CD was absolutely munged."
by Eli D August 20, 2005
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