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the nerd from family guy who has a lisp, who has a big crush on meg griffin.
hey meg i think your super sexy, hot stuff ooh lala!!
by eleni January 08, 2005

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This word is simmilar to the word redneck in many ways, but usually the person is not from the south, nor do they carry all the redneck qualities. Dirt leg is a more midwestern or eastern term replacing red neck. They may or may not have farmer's tans.

A dirt leg is a person who has some of the following qualities(not all are nessesary): does not take care to properly maintain personal hygine, has a low IQ, has a likelyness to impregnate or be impregnated by the age of 16, thinks of Axl Rose(or any other aging, abusive rocker) as a fitting role model, etc. They usually know they are smell or dim witted and do not care.
That guy who lives out in that trailer with his sister and thier two kids, is always kicking their dog. I wish he'd stop playing Guns and Roses so loud and take a shower.
by eleni January 05, 2004

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A punk rock band who was originally pretty damn good. That was until they switched to crappy guitar riffs and lucrative lyrics. One of their more recent songs, "American Idiot," called for an end to the Bush Administration, understandably so. However they did so with idiotic testimonies to dumb Americans, and thus further perpetuated the FALSE stereotype of the democrat, as democrats are wrongly considered of being whiney and annoying, just like "American Idiot." If Green Day truly wanted to make a difference in people's political opinions, perhaps they could've written a song that accurately depicted the Neo-conservative movement, instead of singing shitty songs all the way to the bank, while the rest of the rich, white, republican world sang along with them.

They've also written an even more recent emo song, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" which is by far one of the most annoying, senseless, and ridiculous songs of all time.
1. Wow, you know I'm a liberal, but I think that Green Day is one pussy-whipped band now a days.

2. Instead of listening to crappy Green Day boast about their "understanding" of politics, you should listen to David Bowie or Nirvana, artists who actually know what the hell they're talking about.
by Eleni February 11, 2005

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