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A face race is a contest between two or more females that consists of each female sitting on another person's face one at a time. Each female grinds and mashes their honey pot goodnees all over the face of the third person until they reach orgasm. Usually the face of the person is glazed like a Krispy Kreme donut.

The event is timed and the female with the shortest time to orgasm wins.
'Did you hear what happened at the family reunion last night?'

'No, I didn't'

'Grandma and Aunt Ginger got so drunk, they forced Dad down on the ground and held a Face Race.'
by El_bronco August 19, 2012
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When your hair is so disheveled it looks like you were shot in the back of the head by Lee Harvey Oswald. Usually accompanied by massive amounts of dandruff.
For fuck sake, did you see Steve's JFKhead? He's a really dirty bitch that does not shower.
by El_bronco February 19, 2014
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