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the act of licking another person's eyeball with one's tongue]; blatany derives from the Latin "blattire" meaning "to lick seeing-organ."

The word entered regular English usage through a bad Full Metal Alchemist] anime dub in which the name of the character Gluttony] was translated as Blatany. The modern definition is thought to have arisen from association with the character's distinguishing tongue and unholy hunger.
Blatany is the sweetest sin], baby. Hold still while I run my tip across your--OH MY GOD THIS IS THE MOST AWKWARD FEELING IN THE WORLD! Why would anyone lick anyone else's eyeball!?

Leviticus 18:36-38 - Thou shalt not blatanize with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
Actually, don't do it with womankind, either; that stuff is nasty. And she probably won't be into it, either.
Let me tell you Bro, it's not gonna help your chances of impressing her. Not one bit.
by ElJavo May 12, 2010

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