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Proof of the existence of god.
by El Freak October 24, 2003

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The 90's version of Gene Simmons. "Rebellion" prepackaged and sold by corporations. Manson's music is watered-down, M(oron)TV friendly crap, disguised as "dark" and "rebellious" and "thought-provoking". His first huge single was a cover(a crappy cover, I might add) of a Eurythmics song. How "challenging" and "rebellious" and "thought-provoking" and "individualistic" is that? It's as safe and mainstream as you can get. Manson's music is only offensive to those with actual intelligence or musical taste. Manson's as "evil" as Kermit the Frog. And about as intelligent or musically talented as a rock.
You don't honestly believe Marilyn Manson actually believes any of that shit do you?
by El Freak May 05, 2006

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Poor working class white people, the most politically incorrect ethnic subgroup in existence. The bane of a pansy spoiled rich liberal's existence. Used by liberals to describe any white person who is suspicious of every whack job liberal social plan. Also, the intense hatred and intolerance that so called "progressives" show towards rednecks is proof that most progressive liberals are hypocritical asshats.
This redneck is gonna kick your Yankee ass.
by El Freak October 22, 2003

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1.The practice of disliking or disrespecting someone based on gender. It is something that women engage in as much as men, if not more.

2. Political weapon used by the left to silence the opposition. See also racism.
Naomi Wolfe is a fucking sexist bitch.
by El Freak October 22, 2003

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Political party made up of overpriviliged white college students with a guilty conscience who usually know jack shit about politics.
by El Freak October 22, 2003

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1.The so-called "ignorant" red states. It implies that EVERY SINGLE VOTER IN THE SOUTH AND MIDWEST voted for Bush, in spite of the fact that Kerry got at least 40% of the votes in all those states

2. A very stupid Internet meme that's only going to ensure that the Democrats lose the midterm elections in 2006, and that the next Democratic Presidential candidate pulls numbers of 20-30% in the South and midwest next time. Mainly spread by whiny bitchy Northeastern and Californian elitist jackasses who'd rather feel morally superior than actually DO ANYTHING to break the Republican stranglehold on US politics.
I'm from "Jesusland", yet I'm a bisexual atheist who didn't vote for Bush.
by El Freak December 04, 2004

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