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the act of shitting in ones underpants, then exchanging with your partner and wearing them for an extended period of time: result, squishy bliss!
I am really uncomfortable. I have been wearing these choggle pants all day. Or I think I have a rash from wearing choggle pants.
by el dawg May 22, 2006
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An Acid Douche occurs when a male urinates inside of a female. This is often times done as a primitive form of birth control, because it is believed that the acid in the urine would kill all of the sperm cells.
I didn't have any condoms with me, so I went in shorty raw and came quick. Then I gave her an acid douche so my seeds won't catch root.
by El Dawg March 08, 2012
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When a man does a good job performing oral sex on a woman, she will wrap her legs around his head, locking his lips against hers. If the lady's legs are wrapped tight enough, the man's air supply will be cut off causing him to suck harder to try to get air in his lungs, creating increased pleasure for the female.
I was going down on my girlfriend last night and she liked it so much, she put me in the Louisiana Lip Lock.
by El Dawg February 02, 2012
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