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A spicy, savoury meal meant to be shared between lovers, often as a gift meant to further their relationship. This can also be an action, but regardless, to provide a culo picante is to make love to your partner’s soul in a life changing way!
After performing last night I brought a fresh batch of the very best culo picante for my girlfriend, she’s never been happier and actually proposed to ME last night! Gee willikers!
by Eggingmyownhouse January 01, 2019

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Someone who storms around starting pointless conversations aimed at provoking shock/amazement, their thesis based upon fully contrived false truths, all for their own amusement!
Girl one: hey did you hear that girl’s explanation that NASA has been trying to hide the fact that the earth is actually flat, all to appease the space aliens?

Girl two: Ya she’s such a Bald James, she’ll say anything to get a laugh!
by Eggingmyownhouse February 01, 2018

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A woman whom you’ll fall in love with soon if not instantly after meeting her. Charismatic, hilariously funny, just a big ball of fun who’s so multifaceted, flawed, and complex yet disarming that you’ll be changed for the better forever. Women with this name never lack character or intelligence, and dominate when it comes to getting what they want!
Guy one: Hey why did you run through the streets last night, naked, with a spear, headband, bottle of vodka and NOTHING else? Screaming triumphantly while shouting?

Guy two: Brah! I talked to Joanna last night and I’ll be seeing her again tomorrow! No clothes required! Fuck ya!
by Eggingmyownhouse February 12, 2019

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