5 definitions by Eclip13ticaL

Into the spirit of vocals. Feel for the vocals. Be one with the vocals. You have,"voca-lism"
That member from that band really showed vocalism, tonight.
by Eclip13ticaL April 19, 2008
Pretty much means: To criticize, and/or to blame.
Don't decry me for what you've done.
by Eclip13ticaL April 19, 2008
The capability of slurring.
A smear that's clear or plain to see.
Don't slear your words now.
That typo is slear.
There is a slear on the table.
by Eclip13ticaL February 4, 2011
To annoy, irritate, aggravate, frustrate, and or to complicate things. Anything that deals with the following. It is a word made up for all the words possible to make one feel angered or to maybe feel stale.
"Why do you insist on staloying the crap out of me?"

"Sometimes, you staloy me to the point of breaking."

"I am feeling a bit staloyed at the moment."
by Eclip13ticaL November 19, 2008