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A real skank monster with an unquenchable thirst for semen and attention. Often confused as a typical slore. There are similarities but the Slore Lord is truly one with the dick sucking ways. Excels at lying cheating and blue balling to an extreme that would not be found in a typical pack of slores in public. They often blend in with there environment well and they excel at tricking, lying, deceiving and eventually destroying the very essence that is man.
" A yo Erika sucked like five dicks last weekend at my party... isn't she engaged? Sounds to me like you aren't dealing with just a typical slore but a Slore Lord"
by eastcoastwordsmith April 07, 2014

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A word used to over emphasize the sexual acts a male plans to preform on a female. This term originated on the east coast of Canada. Where the term is defined as "Folding them (the female) up like a lawn chair."

I am gonna take her back to my place and give it to her Doganstyle.
by EastcoastWordSmith December 17, 2009

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