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A genre of black music that the rock fans hated mainly because EVERYBODY enjoyed and danced to it, and rock music was pretty much going down the toilet at that time. The era of disco ended in 1979 when an event called Disco Demolition Night, which was held at the Chicago White Sox stadium , quickly became one of the worst sports disasters of the century when disgruntled rock fans wrecked the stadium while racing to get the disco records burned and blown up.

Disco abruptly disappeared from public view and resurfaced in the 1980s in Chicago in the form of house music, which is still fairly popular today.
Remember kids, disco sucks because dancing is the work of the Devil.
by Ear for Music August 24, 2004

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A module which replicates the Commodore Amiga's sound hardware.
I downloaded some great chiptunes off the Net.
by ear for music March 06, 2003

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Techno can be classified as music, as long as it is not the overly repetitive crap that makes up 92% of the genre. Unfortunately, pop, hip hop, rap, and some forms of metal can easily be classified as techno because they are all made using electronic instruments (where can you find a natural version of a 303 or 808 drum/bassline or a MIDI sample?).
Music is an artform that should not only be respected, but given plenty of time and patience to be crafted.
by Ear for Music December 17, 2003

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