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C418's best yet, developed for the ocean update on minecraft, but somethings...different, its so, unreal, un...MINECRAFTY, like if something beautiful had a baby with something..from a different reality where all you hear is beautiful, amazing, yet unreal music.
DragonFish is the most beautiful song by C418 you can find it here on spotify (LISTEN TO IT AND FEEL IT):

by ENDA_DUDE November 5, 2020
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Parasanience is a disorder thats usually self-diagnosed and means paradoxes, sanity, and sentience, If you would like to become slightly Parasanient like me then keep reading, otherwise..Save your sanity and read a different defiinition.

Symptoms will usually include:

Depression, feeling like the world is fake, knowing that even if you knew if the world was fake or not that it wouldn't matter, thinking that the opposite happens of what your thinking, noticing more coincidinces than normal, feeling there's not enough time in life and being afraid of unknown scenarios after death, realizing there is no fully functional meaning to life (other than fun), thinking of what your saying resulting in paradox, and thinking of parting from this reality because you think it's fake.

If you believe you have been Parasanient before please email me: "enderheroes.zeke@gmail.com",

and I, Ezekiel David Ross - age 13 on April 8th, 2021
Believe that,
I have full Parasanience.
by ENDA_DUDE April 9, 2021
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Otter is a cute adorable instagram dog that will always live on through our hearts forever no matter what he does! Oh yeah and always remember; OBEY THE BLACK LAB, IN DOG WE TRUST!

TheOtterRoss is my favorite instagram dog on the freaking PLANET!

Otter baby, come here so i can eat you!

"OTTER!!!" you said from a mile away, A very loud "THUMP!" occurs, you see a black spot over the water with two white lines behind it...and then a very loud "RRRRRRT" combusts around you, now Otter is sitting on the ground next to you.
by ENDA_DUDE November 12, 2019
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You tried to paste but forgot to press cmd/ctrl, you IDIOT
Here I got the link: v
by ENDA_DUDE November 5, 2020
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