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Trap music is based on use of the 808 Roland drum machine, pitched and re-sampled hiphop/rap vocals, pipe flutes, gangsta synth leads, and various FX. Similar to rap without the main vocal, Trap music has been gaining lots of attention from major DJ’s and labels. Although, the style originated many years ago, Trap music has recently been making a new school comeback in many new forms such as “Trap”, “Chirp”, “SeaPunk”, “PsyTrap”, and “TrapStep”. Earliest known examples can be found by artists such as Triple Six Mafia, UGK, Swisha House, and Gucci Mane. Tempos range widely from 135-175bpm which is uncommon for most major genres of electronic dance music (EDM).

In laymen’s terms, Trap music would be best described as a recipe;

1/3 hip hop (tempo and song structure similar) – however vocals are usually pitched lower or higher
1/3 dubstep (similar drum arrangements, different builds and drops)
1/3 dub (Low frequency focus and strong emphasis on repetitiveness throughout a song)
This is Trap Music:
TNGHT - Bugg'n (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice)
by EDM Historian September 01, 2012

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Music that is 176/88 BPM electronic dance music dominated by 808 bass lines, minimal synths and B'More inspired vocals.

The genre was created by Dr. Dabs (Mark Sandstorm) & Steezy Nicks with heavy if not all influence from works by Yheti (aka YhetiMaster).

There are a very specific set of rules to making this style of music which help to differentiate it from other genres such as Trap. These rules are as follows and are based off of a general honor system:

- Tempo: 176/88 BPM
- Time limit: 6 Hours
- 808 Bass lines

- Intros and outros should be very minimal and have only drums and a couple samples scattered so as to make DJ'ing simple in any format..
- Ghetto inspired samples and vocals
- Most if not all sounds are Eq'ed so as to not include any bass in the mix which helps to make room for the 808 to ring without interference.
-This style pulls its influences from from Rap, Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Trap, B'more, House, and ChipTune.
First example of Chirp Music:
"Brolympics" by Dr. Dabs & Steezy Nicks
Released on June 18th, 2012 by 710 Records
by EDM Historian September 01, 2012

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