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Poetry readings and recitals done, usually of only one or two poems and by a small group or solo poet, in a public place previously unprepared for the "attack". Originally defined by poets William F. DeVault (the Amomancer) and Daniel S. McTaggart and framed in McTaggart's poem "Guerrilla Poetry".
Two young women walk into a Starbucks, one distracts the barrista while the other whips out a book, chants the words of "Ozymandias of Egypt" in her guerrilla poetry attack on the crowd and then they are both gone into the morning chaos.
by E.J. Trelawny May 30, 2009
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Genric: A poet who believes what he or she writes has power in and of itself to change people and the world, as though it was a form of magic. (Amomancy being the supernatural art of changing people through poetry or eloquence). From the word "Amote", coined by 90's internet poet William F. DeVault.

Specific: The Amomancer: William F. DeVault. Named by Yahoo in the mid-1990's as "The Romantic Poet of the Internet" by Yahoo. Author of several books of excruciatingly confessional and emotionally overwrought poetry about love and mortality.
"The Amomancer dances in the shadows" a poem about lost love, by the aforementioned William F. DeVault.
by E.J. Trelawny January 24, 2007
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Disparaging term for an arts groupie who thinks they're an artist because they sleep with artists/musicians/writers.

Coined by 90's author William F. DeVault.
She thought she could paint like Picasso, but everyone knew she was just a loft weasel.
by E.J. Trelawny January 24, 2007
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