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A derogatory term used to define a very dark African American person. The word refers to the person in question being so black that their gums are blue. Also, the person is usually from Carolina, although doesn't have to be. If they are from Kentucky, just say "Kentucky blue gum"
Damn Carolina Blue Gums stole my bike to sell it and buy crack!
by E-ThugNasty June 09, 2007
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The name of every CD I burn containing rap on it, followed by the volume. For example, the third hip-hop CD I ever burned was "Negro Beats vol. 3"
"Hey man, pop in Negro Beats vol. 5"

"I only have volume 9 in here man."

"Damn, that sucks. I wish rap wasn't only good for hit songs that lasted about 5 days, that way you wouldn't go through CD's so fast"
by E-ThugNasty January 12, 2008
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