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noun. Derived from two words: JIGABOO which is a silly, racist term for a black person, and BLUES which is a feeling of depression or repression expressed through song.

JIGABOO BLUES is a pejorative term for when African American folk complain about their situation or plight and blame their misfortune on white people, slavery, or racism, drugs, etc. This is similar to "playing the race card", in that they believe they are being targeted because they are black or simply claim that they are being "racially profiled" just to try and get out of something.
Cop: So I pulled over this black fellow for swerving across the center line, and when I asked him so undergo a sobriety test, he started singling the Jigaboo Blues, called me a cracker, and said I was racial profiling. However, my suspicions were confirmed when my flashlight revealed three empty 40 oz Natty Boh's.
by Dyrty Hyrry November 11, 2009

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noun. a very low pay rate, commensurate to slave labor. One cannot possibly live off of this rate of pay.
Man, the only jobs available on the market now pay nige wage.
by Dyrty Hyrry November 06, 2009

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noun. the act of running to the toilet due to an imminent and/or urgent bowel movement, likely due to explosive diarrhea . Usually feces escapes as your buttocks hits the toilet seat.

noun. when an airplane comes in for a landing with some form of crippling technical malfunction.
After eating Taco Bell and drinking beer, I arrived home just in time to make a hot approach.

The 747 is coming in on a hot approach as the in-flight collision with birds damaged all but one engine.
by Dyrty Hyrry November 06, 2009

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