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To fall short of success. From Charlie Runkle, a character on the Showtime television series "Californication."
Nate Kaeding kicks the field goal for the win! It's going...going...NO GOOD! He runkled it!
by DustySnipes June 10, 2011
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This move involves fucking a chick in the ass in front of a mirror. As you get ready to fuck her, you wink and make sure she acknowledges it - this is the play action. Then you yell OMAHA!! while you slide into her asshole.
Man: "Babe, get on your knees and look into the mirror. We're going to try the WinkPeyton."
Woman: "Did you just wink at me?"
Man: "OMAHA!!"
by DustySnipes June 27, 2016
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