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n. - This species has been called a plague as well as a blessing. This from of human originated in the 80's will poofy haired women that went to Ozzy shows and Def Lepard Shows. A scene kid was called, back then, a poser or a faker or as the aptly named Groupie. Then in the 90's a new generation of S.K. was born that adored Backstreet boys, N'Sync and other Pop groups. After the R & B, Rap crowd dominated the charts, S.K. took shelter in Pop-punk and grunge. All S.K. claim that Kurt Cobain is there Hero. When the new decade came along the S.K. evolved and grew to be obsessed with a new style of music...EMO (See Emotional Rock). S.K. found a way to release emotions by listening to rich bands wine and complain and tell there listeners to cut them selves and end it all...which many S.K. attempt, and fail due to the fact they do it wrong. "It's down the road...Not across the street." As the EMO scene became a popular thing S.K. Became the anti-conformists we know today and went completely against the mainstream media and started listening to Indie bands that know one had heard of up to this point. Somewhere down the line, every S.K. would convert to being Bi-curios. Though they never actually go out with the same sex...they kiss them at parties and during "Extreme Truth-or-Dare." Straight Edge falls into the equation in the early millennium. sXe is a group, rather, a cult that says smoking, drugs, alcohol and sex is off limits. There are more loopholes in this rule and drugs available and the sXe kids, eventually, fall apart and break away into other groups. Soon every S.K. develops the need to smoke cigarettes and have sex with people they know for one day or two. Which leads to a massive STD break out in young teens. Later S.K. find a new style of music to lead them into their search for uniqueness and freedom from conformity...Hardcore. Hardcore, or hXc, Myspace-core and Scene-core, originated from Tough guy Hardcore and Metal music. Hardcore dancing, or Slam Dancing, also came along. After hXc came into their lives, S.K. felt the need to stay so far from the norm that they needed to dye there hair to match the many colors of rainbow. As S.K. grew in numbers the clothes seemed to shrink to the point they have "muffins" or the point at which their sides hang over their pants. Belts are worn outside the loops and one eye is seen at all times. Attention suicide continues and lung cancer starts earlier and earlier each year. Gauges in ears have reached an outstanding size as well as huge veiwer rates on Fuse and a increase in Forever 21's customers.

In conclusion...
A Scene Kid will always be around and will always either haunt us or give us a way to "break free" from conformity. But no one seems to realize...Scene Kids is just another way...to piss off everyone else. And It seems to be working.
"beautiful destruction" Scene Kid Group on Myspace
by DustRy miller January 24, 2007
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