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Final decision based on value judgement, "the last word". Please note that this is rarely used without a possessive pronoun preceding it.
"It's not my call." - It's not up to me to decide.

"In the end, the call is his alone." - It's up to him to decide.
by Dushkin April 14, 2007
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(noun) a person (esp. of the male persuasion) who wears excessive amounts of cologne on a regular basis.

Etymology: Stems from "colonialist".
Did you smell John last night? He's such a colognialist!
by Dushkin November 14, 2006
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have fun, specifically in illegal ways.

Etymology: the 80s' song "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" where every second mention of the line "Everybody have fun tonight" was changed with "everybody Wang Chung tonight"
I'm sure you really were Wanging Chung last night.

Hey everybody, let's Wang Chung tonight!
by Dushkin November 11, 2006
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