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Definition: Cause of the day (from French)

Description: A term that epitomizes liberal and progressive thinking whereby they claim and truly believe that "the masses are morally and ethically obligated to believe in" whatever fad that is trending like wildfire in the mainstream media.

-Note: typically trends that are publicized and pushed through Hollywood's lens

-Source Credit: Used by Steven Crowder from Louder with Crowder
Unassuming Liberal Friend: Let's do a bake sale for starving kids in Africa!
SJW *screaming*: No! We need to support the MeToo movement!
Independent friend: Wow, didn't you know unassuming liberal friend? That's the new cause du jour!
by DumDum1000 February 20, 2018
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Cranberry water vodka
(U in russian is v)
Kim: I ordered the best Cvadka of my life last saturday night!
Tony: Dang I gotta get a Cvadka over right there next weekend!
Alex: Cvadka?
by DumDum1000 November 18, 2017
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A midget who happens to be a tard(retard)

abbrev. tidge
Alex to Harrison

"stop being a fucking tidget"
"What's up tidge?"
by DumDum1000 December 29, 2013
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