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Used to describe a woman that is "so-so".

Means nothing unless hands, with fingers straight, are to one's side, with elbows locked. When one is in this position, they will look as if they are in a military attention position.
Guy A: She's no profundo. I mean, she's not that hot, but I'd still give her the time.
Guy B: Yeah, I'd- I'd give her the time.
Both: Nod.
Both: Fundo. (Both then assume the Fundo position)
by Ds14 October 23, 2006
A woman that is not necessarily ugly, but looks like a man.

It is in violation of the Guy code not to, when witnessing one of these creatures in the presence of friends of any gender, say "joefundo" and do the motion described below.

Simply look down at your crotch.
Watching the view with your girlfriend and your guy friend walks into the room and sees the TV.

Guy B: Whoa, dude.... who is that?
Guy A: Looks at Guy B.
Guy B: Nods.
Both: Joefundo (Both proceed to do the "Joefundo" motion)
by Ds14 October 23, 2006
An interjection used when one sees rather scrumptious looking bootay, tittay, or coochay.
Means nothing unless both hands, open, with fingers straight, are held above the head, arms slightly bent and in a narrow Y shape.

A cutie with a booty is walking down the street:
Guy A: Looks to Guy B.
Guy B: Nods.
Both: Profundo!!! (While raising hands above head in the fashion described above)
by Ds14 October 23, 2006
A straight up ugly ass hoe. May be fat as a cow or ugly as dirty uncle bobby's penis.

When one encounters a "Nofundo" while accompanied by friends of any gender, they must say "Nofundo" and make the hand motion described below. Not doing this is a violation of the guy code section 4.A.XIII, paragraph 8, line 6.

Arms must make a crossing motion and head must be turned side to side as if saying "no". Very similar to the "You're out" motion.
Girl with way too much black eyeshadow and a shirt that is obviously too small to everyone but her.

Guy A: What kind of disease do you you think she has?
Guy B: No need to be rude, man.
Guy A: You're right... Nofundo (Does the aforementioned motion)
by Ds14 October 23, 2006