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A variation of regular chess wherein whomever uses the white pieces win because they gang up on the black pieces, just like Alabama.
John: Dude, I hate playing chess with you. You only play Alabama rules chess and you never let me be the white pieces.
Dave: My pieces don't take kindly to your pieces 'round here, boy.
by Drupt April 27, 2007
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Something scene and emo kids do at concerts or any place loud music they like is playing. They have to be wearing a zip up hoodie, and they put the hood over their head and just thrash their arms around wildly with no concern for anyone else. You could accuse them of being on PCP or some other fucekd up drug, but its usually not the case cuz most emo/scene kids are gay and straight edge.
Guy 1: Dude, I was at the All That Remains show last night and some scrawny, faggy scene kid was throwing down and he almost hit me so I punched him in the skull....I hate scene kids
Guy 2: I huuuurrd that
by Drupt April 27, 2007
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