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A private sector small business person who actually risks everything they have to provide society with the goods and services that they depend on instead of sitting around a university campus glued to the internet, sucking up a state paycheck or their parents welfare that came from the tax base that was created by the private sector in the first place.
American: we have the most prosperity of any country ever...thank God for deplorables!
by Drumcomic June 06, 2018

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A Me-me-i-me-me is a person who types their own name into Urbandictionary.com in order to create a flattering definition of themselves.
Dale: Did you read the definition of Jen in Urbandictionary.com?
Mike: What a Me-me-i-me-me.
Dale: I know. Most Jens I've met were just easy to bang.
by Drumcomic June 07, 2018

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A Citgo gas station that shares it's space with a Taco Bell.
I hit the Shitgo and now I'm dropping the kids off in a mud slide.
by Drumcomic June 06, 2018

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