2 definitions by Draggggs

The additional piss that falls from your dick when forgetting to shake it off, which usually drips onto the pants of the victim leaving a stain looking like your pecker just druled and for everyone at the party to humiliate you.
"SHIT! i got some pecker drule on my jeans, i guess i'll just wait in the bathroom until that shit dries up, wheres my natty light."

Victim-"Yoo look, i got some pecker drule on my jeans... pleassse don't tell anyone man, that shit is embarrassing!"

Friend-"Heyyyy everyone, look, this little bitch over here forgot to shake his dick( 3 times only, any more shakes and your beating off) and got pecker drule all over himself."

Victim-"You asshole"
by Draggggs April 19, 2011
Often referred to as "The Miscrap", This is the mishap of craps, and happens when you get the feeling that you sort of have to take a shit but not really and your mind tricks you into walking to the bathroom to sit on the toilet only to find yourself struggling to take a shit when you really don't have to, which unfortunately leads to never taking a shit, and therefor there is no need to wipe your ass. the most important act about the miscrap is when you finally get up and feel the stupidity of trying to take a shit for that useless five minutes, you have to think or say to yourself "Damn, i just had a miscrap."
Victim- "Hey guys, hold on a sec, I think i might have to shit before we go."

Guys-"Alright man, get that shit out the way before we hit the road."

Five minutes later......

Guys-"Hey, how was your shit, did it feel good?"

Victim-"Nahhh, False alarm, I had a miscrap."

Guys-"Ughhhhh, THE MISCRAP"
by Draggggs April 19, 2011