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A hipster is any male/female in their 20s who lives in culturally stimulating parts of cities. They are proficient in all things deemed "indie", and are most likely all photographers and in a band at some point in their lives. They subsist on unknown bands, in the attempt to break away from mainstream media and show how non-conformist they are.

All hipsters have a love for local art, and will protest the destruction of buildings suffering from urban decay, as they are "art treasures".
Also, they know more than you in all things, including (but not limited to): Politics, music, witty banter, being ironic, fashion, and what is cool.
Usually, they can be seen wearing vintage clothing, ironic tees, tight pants, or some form of button up with suspenders and a tie, no matter what the temperature. May be sporting one of those "paperboy" hats from the 1930s, but if not, will have an odd haircut that is usually cut by a friend.

Warning: Hipsters become offended at being called a hipster, and will deny it at all times. Don't let them fool you...If they have several of the above listed facts, you've got a hipster on your hands.
Guy 1: (Swishes poorly cut hair off forehead) "I just can't figure out if I should go to these local band shows, or throw paint on a canvas and call it art."

Guy 2: "Hipster."
by DrStankWang June 12, 2011
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