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1. A Sport that is very popular in America.

2. A Sport that is very popular in England.

3. A word that often causes foolish arguments between fans of American football, and soccer fans.

4. The gayest sport there is.
1. Almost everyone in the US watches the NFL, even though the game is played at its finest in college.

2. Football is the name for "soccer" in england. I believe the English call American Football Gridiron. And in the other large English speaking nations, Canada and Australia, Football is an entirely different sport.

3. Any soccer fan will be quick to point out that the "rest of the world" calls their sport football. However this is not true as the "rest of the world" does not speak English,In Spanish speaking countries it is "Futbol" and I have I am pretty sure the Chinese word for it doesn't resemble "football." Even in Canada and Australia it means something different.

4. I mean honestly, if you played football you'll remember, football is nothing but a bunch of sweaty guys, rubbing up against each other, showering together, slapping each others asses, and wearing really tight pants.

by Dr.Psuedoscience May 30, 2007
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