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A gentleman of homosexual persuasion, particularly one who favours the "passive" role during homosexual anal intercourse.
Terry: Did you hear about that hairdresser guy Greg having a threesome with the Hilton sisters?

Barry: No way! I always thought he was a sausage jockey.
by Dr. Sven June 28, 2006
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A somewhat nerdy, often academically gifted person who dislikes physical activity, and also happens to wear spectacles.
Mum: "Benny, why don't you go and join the local chess club?"
Benny: "No way am I going to hang around with those glasses twats."
by Dr. Sven June 01, 2006
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A gentleman of homosexual persuasion.
"What do you reckon to that new guy Benny?"

"Fuckin kidney shifter in't e"
by Dr. Sven May 20, 2006
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