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1. The theory that there exist one super-massive blackhole in the center of the universe. This blackhole was the first blackhole to form when the universe first came into existence. All other blackholes are pangenesis of this original blackhole. 2. Mono-magnets were first postulated by Einstein; the theory that blackholes are actually mono-magnets, possessing a north or south pole, but not both. 3. If the Primordial Blackhole is a North polarity blackhole, then it would have "eaten" all South polarity blackholes, leaving only North polarity blackholes in the universe. Thus, forcing the existing north blackholes that are still forming in the universe to flee from the Primordial Blackhole, in essence, forcing what is left of the universe to expand. 4. The reason that astronomers can not directly view the Primordial Blackhole is because light has an attendancy to bend around massive garvitational fields. Thus, a galaxy on the opposite side of the Primordial Blackhole, could be viewed from some other point in space. 6. The reason that everything in space is in motion, due to the gravitational effect of this massive primordial blackhole.
Primordial Blackhole (Zeus Pangeasus):
This theory was postulated by Victor Darnell Hadnot, a Christian Science Fiction writer: When the universe was first created, the first few seconds after there was light, a single dark spot formed, from what was once blackness. This was the first blackhole, called Zeus Pangeasus. This blackhole has existed for almost as long as the universe. It has been "eating" matter and energy, light since the beginning. This is the reason why it is the largest single object in the entire universe, expanding as it consumes entire galaxies. The reason we can not see it is because it is totally black and spans the entire universe. All light and stars and galaxies that we see in the universe, exist at the outer most region of this massive blackhole. Any galaxy that has a like polarity blackhole at its center, will be pushed away from the primordial blackhole, as a mono-magnet of like polarity will push away a field of similar polarity. Thus, the universe seems to be expanding, but in truth, is being consumed by this massive blackhole in the center of the universe. Light bends around massive gravitational sources, thus, it is impossible to see this massive blackhole, but the effects of this super object can be felt and observed, by the actions of galaxies, as they orbit around this super-massive event.
by Dr. Everet T. Pystrum January 04, 2010

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