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The little, brown, and sloppy end of a blunt that remains after almost the entire blunt has been smoked.
"Eyyo...blunts almost done, pass me dat Raisinet. Ah fuck it, take it back, I cant hit it without burning my fingers."
by Dr. Dec February 22, 2008
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Any horrendous pair of shoes that catch your eye whilst shoe shopping.
The mere sight of the shoe triggers a subconscious impulse to grip that ugly son of a bitch and throw it halfway across the store.
The shoe usually ends up hitting someone on the side of the head or striking the back of one's calf causing injury...like a weapon.
Curly: "Hey, whats up, names Curly...check out my new pair of Crocs."

Trent: "Fuck you Curly, those kicks are some weapons. In fact the other day I threw those joints and killed a mother and her child."
by Dr. Dec February 27, 2008
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An adjective used to describe anything which appeals to the redneck/hillbilly culture.
Trent: "Eyyo, Cliff...what kinda cigarettes you smokin'?"

Cliff: "Marlboros...why'd you ask Trent?"

Trent: "Marlboros?...pfff...why you smokin' dem deer hunting cigarettes?"


Crocket: "Hi...names Crock, check out my new L.L. Bean hiking boots."

Trent: "Fuck those boots nigga! Dose sum ugly ass deer hunting threads!"
by Dr. Dec February 27, 2008
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