11 definition by Dr. Charles Dromedary

Former in-laws after a divorce.
After the divorce, my unlaws still demanded to see their grandchildren all the time.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary January 16, 2017

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Fingering a woman with your middle & index fingers.
Her vajayjay was really wet when I was petting the stingray.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary February 16, 2015

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Driving with the windows rolled down and heat turned up high in the dead of winter.
While we were driving around town yelling at people, we had to turn on the Ken Clark heat so we didn't freeze.
by Dr. Charles Dromedary April 13, 2008

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To become an annoying, over-the-top, born again Christian.
"He used to be fun and drink with us at parties, but now he's all mellow and God-this and God-that after getting all Jesused."
by Dr. Charles Dromedary September 09, 2011

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