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What ignorant Americans call Tower Bridge.

People of America, listen up while I drop some science:

The Bridge in London which is impressive to look at and had a Tower (hint) at each end is called Tower Bridge. London Bridge is actually a few hundred yards to the west, and looks like nothing much actually.
1. In 1968, an American, Robert P McCulloch paid $2.5 million dollars to buy London Bridge under the mistaken belief that he was buying Tower Bridge. The then London Bridge was taken down, transported to America and reconstructed at Lake Havasu City in Arizona. (A new London Bridge was opened in London in 1973). D'OH!!

2. The bridge that is seen in the video to London Bridge by Fergie is actually Tower Bridge. D'OH!!!

3. British people still laugh about Americans not knowing the difference between the two. :-)
by Dr Pinch October 04, 2006

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Gay slang for "homosexual".
"Is he Musical? If so I would like to introduce him to my pink oboe!"
by Dr Pinch September 15, 2004

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The poor man's Kate Bush.
"Never was a cornflake girl." - So why are you singing about it you stupid bint?
by Dr Pinch April 26, 2005

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Self-Harm is the new Suicide.

Self-Harm is like Suicide with all of the short-term pain, low-self esteem, lack of respect for yourself, friends and family, etc, but none of the long-term side-effects (i.e. Death).

Self-Harm is basically Suicide for the Commitment-Phobic.
When I were a lad we had nowt to do wi' this Self-harm malarkey.
by Dr Pinch October 14, 2006

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