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a Poof Chariot is a term to define the certain type of cars driven by young and old males.

These cars are often driven by older male Chavs and neds

These type of cars are also normally the car favoured by women but for some reason guys like to have these cars too but tart them up a bit more to make it seem manly when in fact it makes it the complete opposite.

Any form of small car/van that is tarted up to make it look special or on par with real powerful cars when in fact it doesnt really.
Tarting up covers.
* Tinted windows
* Spoilers
* Unnecessarily Huge Exhausts
* little lights in the water wiper jets

These things may be cool in more 'manly' cars but they are not cool on poof chariots.
Remember, they are only poof chariots if they are driven by guys.
I would say men instead of guys but if they were men they wouldnt have poof chariots!

Citreon Saxo
any small Peugeot
etc etc.
by Doogal November 25, 2004
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