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when someone unleashes their HULK-STRENGTH and slaps you so fast it almost breaks your neck and its recommended that you go to a hospital within 4 hours or risk your spine collapsing.
guy 2: uuhhh no, extreme slap
by Dommy Tappers April 11, 2010

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When someone literally fucking destroys you. But first they extreme slap you across the face, mail you some flowers at the hospital your at, then on August 2, ALWAYS at 9:34pm they will appear at your bedside and they next morning you will be gone and your name erased from history, you family members don't even realize your gone because the sheer power of getting Mawclaw is just too much for the human mind it actually erases the braincells of everyone who knew you. It is so powerful only 1 Mawclaw can be used every 10 years or else they earths core will expand to the point of breaking through the earths crust, destroying us all
guy 1: DOOD i ownd your teem at CTF!! NOOB-tubes= DA PRO...
guy 2: thats it bitch your fucking Mawclaw'd
by Dommy Tappers April 11, 2010

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