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Sussan is a great person, but doesn't always know it. Sussan are caring and intelligent, but never see the beauty in themselves. She knows it's there, but sometimes needs a little encouragement to see it. They are often ambitious, and sometimes get themselves in a little over their heads. If she does, help her out! once you have proven yourself trustworthy, Sussan will be your most loyal friend. But watch out! cross her and you'll have hell to pay.

Her guy friends are all love her like a little sister, and they're like big brothers to her, but there's one in the crowd who's more special than the rest. If you are that person, you are one lucky guy. Sussan will devote everything to you. At first she can seem overwhelming, but don't be put off! She just has strange ways of showing her affection. Once you've got her though, hold on tight.

Be on your toes though! Sussan is strong and independent, which can sometimes make her more vulnerable than the rest. She always brings something new to the day, and if there's a smile on her face, don't be the one who wipes it away.

Sussan will love you like a girlfriend, talk to you like a trusted advisor, and protect you like a sibling. Do the same for her!

The remainder of the time, she is found cursing like a sailor, drinking most men under the table, being able to kill a man 1,000 different ways with craft supplies, and other badassery.

P.S. Call her Susie or Sue and she will kill you!
That Susan is so classy and a badass! How is that possible?

Girl: Did you see Sussan today? She looks beautiful!

Boy: I love Sussan!

Boy: I wish I had Sussan!
by Dolphinlovere69 February 26, 2017
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